What is it?

garlic_spy is a really simple API for watching the Garlicoin blockchain. It can be used to monitor an address to see when it receives a transaction, and to check when the transaction has enough confirmations.

That's pretty much it.

The API lives at:

API Endpoints

GET /1.0/address/{ADDRESS}/transactions-received/

Get a list of transactions received by an address. Newest transactions are first.


ADDRESS : string
The garlicoin address to get information about.


The request will return a 404 error if the address is not valid.

A successful request returns a JSON object containing the coin name, address queried and an array of transaction details.

Each transaction contains the transaction id, amount of coins, number of confirmations and the unix timestamp of the transaction.

Example Output

Calling the api for the address GKPZi6A6s9i4BxaV3dFYWL6wtAR1Tk6enA returns something like this:

  "coin" : "GRLC",
  "address" : "GKPZi6A6s9i4BxaV3dFYWL6wtAR1Tk6enA",
  "transactions" : [
      "tx_id" : "9909625fc1998f089d06d1a79ca4719279e9f6098e39caa88e3593fdd9ba1c19",
      "value" : "29.38546182",
      "confirmations" : 1234,
      "timestamp" : 1517166808


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